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Active Trader Cover - Speed Research Market Browser Review  Active Trader Article - Speed Research Market Browser Review Active Trader Magazine
December, 2002

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"SpeedResearch puts a plethora of research a mouse-click or two away"

Stocks and Commodities Cover - Speed Research Market Browser Review  Stocks and Commodities Article - Speed Research Market Browser Review Stocks & Commodities Magazine
July 2000 

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"SpeedResearch.com is a great tool for managing your personal finances"

Working Money Cover - Speed Research Market Browser Review  Working Money Article - Speed Research Market Browser Review Working Money Magazine
November/December 2000,  1st Issue!

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  • I'm just writing to let you know how incredibly impressed I am with your product. Keep up the good work and best wishes with all you do.   -- Dennis

  • Hi, have used your program for 3 months, you certainly have saved me time, had all these as favorite places. use speedresearch 24/7 I'm retired 47yr old lady, and love the stocks. Play them as a hobby. I'm amazed at how fast I can move from one web to another. Great job.   -- Sandi

  • Used SR for about 10 minutes and already love it...great product guys. Wonderfully intuitive and fast.   -- Genetrader

  • I admit, I was skeptical.. I'm a 27 year day trader that has no problem navigating and opening multiple windows to research and scan various financial web sites.. but this makes it 5x faster. -- Volentine

  • The latest version of your browser is excellent. Extremely well thought out and implemented...and all-encompassing...just excellent. Well done!   -- Gary

  • The program is wonderful, I am learning more about it and like it more every day! Your idea of putting all the tools at one's finger tips is surely appreciated by me and others I am certain. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by it and not sure where to start but the learning curve turned out to be shorter than expected and I am so pleased to have found it.   -- Dusty

  • Just installed and have used SR browser for several days. This is to let you know this is the best piece if software I have found, period. On a scale of 1 to 10 it gets my 12. The originator should have a place on Mount Rushmore. Obviously a lot of work and very much appreciated. You contributed to my decision to not sign up with a real time data vendor, there is so much information available here I have everything I need at my finger tips.  -- Norman 

  • The connectivity to research info is incredible while using speedresearch.   -- William

  • I just wanted you to know how much your "Speedresearch Browser" has helped my investing. Within the first week of use, I have almost doubled my portfolios value. I highly recommend this program.   -- David 

  • I am so impressed with your browser. I've been dismayed by "end all" "be all" sites that promise everything, but provide their own agenda and the utter overload of information is mind boggling. Here you have given traders and investors an easy to use interface, customizable no less.   -- Kathryn

  • Your SpeedResearch Browser has saved me many hours, covering a lot of ground very quickly. I am also finding that I am doing much more complete research, because all the links you provide in the browser are reminders of places I need to go before making investment decisions.   -- Carlos

  • I should first congratulate you on your work with the Speed Research Browser. We tested it today and find it to be altogether wonderful! So often we miss key bits of information because we forget where to look - SpeedBrowser brings it all together.   -- Gregg

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